Monday, 27 August 2012

Ceiling art

I LOVE ceiling art. So much so, that I spent two weeks of evenings and weekends on this project for my mums house, I think it turned out really lovely :)

Entry hall ceiling - Before  
Entry hall ceiling - After

Monday, 6 August 2012

Product love – White Faux Taxidermy

White Faux Taxidermy  sell a range of beautiful resin products in pre-made or custom colours. From wall mounted deer and moose heads, dinosaurs and sharks (perfect for a little boys room) to decorative skulls and lions.

Whites, greys, bold colours, golds, silvers, glitter! How to choose?! One of these items would add some true style to a space.

The images really speak for themselves! Now….just to choose one...

This one for my kitchen wall...I think :)

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Gold Dipped DIY

I love a cool DIY project, especially one that almost guarantees a great result.

This tutorial from Honestly WTF is spot on for ‘easy guaranteed great results’, so I applied the same techniques to a slightly different project. 

I took the idea to a vintage cookie jar and here’s how it turned out...

p.s. I lost the photos of the original jar so imagine it started as a plain black :)

Another easy one is adding stripes, just tape it up, spray and you're done!

Now go find something you can dip in gold!

Animal Print

When it comes to animal print in the home, my favourite (without a doubt) would be zebra (especially in the form of a rug).I see so many different styles of rooms that are instantly lifted with a zebra rug. It can give a space some much needed drama, whether it be bold and bright or soft and white, a bit of zebra can do wonders.Just imagine these rooms without that touch of zebra....

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